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Office Visit: 14 Simple Distractions for Children

Office Visit: 14 Simple Distractions for Children

Doctor office appointments can be extremely boring for children while they are waiting to be seen in the patients room. Below you will see several unique and easy ways, with a bit of creativity, for your child to have a lot more fun and keep distracted while waiting at an appointment office visit. Kids love distraction toys! Please ask staff members to assist you if wanting to create something with their supplies.

Balloon Glove

Have an adult help you to gently grab one glove avoiding all other gloves to be pulled out of the box. Blow air inside the glove and tie it like a balloon. You can squish it gently like a stress ball, poke in the fingers, or just play around with it.

Art on Exam Table Paper

Draw pictures or play hangman, dots, tic tac toe, or draw a photo and have someone guess it. Write a nice message for your doctor or nurse. Have fun and be creative. You can even make an origami boat or airplane and combined the fun. Most of these sheets have perforated lines on exam paper so you can take it home and enjoy more.

Cup Stacking

By taking three (3) Dixie cups and stacking them. Knocking them over. Then restocking.

Puppet Drawing Tongue Depressor Blade

Bell Cup

By taking a Dixie cup and tongue depressor blade and then shake or rattle it.


Ask as most offices have coloring sheets and crayons for small kids and even for big kids to enjoy. Art has no age limit!


Ask for a plain sheet of paper or computer printer paper to draw with crayons or pen. Play hangman, dots, tic tac toe, be creative.

Sticker Puppets

By taking one tongue blade and asking staff if you can get 2 stickers, you can create a fun little tongue blade puppet. Make stories using the sticker characters.

Origami or Paper Toys

Click the link below to see some fun origami that you can make. Just ask a staff member for a sheet of paper. You can draw or color on the origami creation once created too!

Brain X Factor Origami List

Magic Hidden Object Under Cup

You will need 3 dixie cups (or other cups that are available) and in this case used half (1/2) a Kleenex squished up into a ball. Any small object will work. Be creative and try using different ones. Carefully grab different cups sliding in different orders. Try and confuse your audience. See once you are done ask them to guess what cup has the object under it.

Playing I Spy.

Look around the room. Everyone takes turn finding an item in the room. Example would be blue gloves. First person would say I spy something blue. Taking turns if more than one person in room, youd guess to what was blue that the person is trying to get you to guess in the room. Winner gets to choose the next item to be found.

Glove Puppet

Gently grab one glove avoiding all to be pulled out of box. Have an adult help you with this. Blow air inside the glove and tie it like a balloon. Then you tie the 2nd digit and 3rd digit together. Then tie the 4th and 5th digit together. Leaving you with the thumb as the nose, the two you tied on top as hair. All you do is ask staff if they have a permanent marker you can use to draw eyes and smile on the balloon. Using a pen or other sharp end can easily pop the glove or smudge on the glove. Now you have glove puppet you can play with.

Birthday Candle Napkin

By using a Kleenex tissue or paper towel square you can easily make this fun birthday candle.

  • Begin withKleenex/paper towel/napkinflat like a diamond in front of you.
  • Fold bottom tip up to form triangle.
  • Fold top tip down a third.
  • Fold down a third again.
  • Fold down a third once again to meet bottom edge.
  • Fold left tip in and under itself. This will be the “flame.
  • Roll from the left side to the right side.
  • Use a small piece of tape to keep it from unraveling.


By taking 2 cups and 2 tongue depressors you can do some musical fun. This is great for the younger kids.

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