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Trivia: Doctor Office

Trivia: Doctor Office

What is taken when nurses place a cuff on your arm?

Blood Pressure (BP)

What are you given when you are not feeling well?


I do not like to get these at appointments, but these keep me healthy.

Immunizations/ Vaccines / Shots

What is used to listen to my heart and lungs?


What is a procedure used to drain the bladder and collect urine, through a small flexible tube?

Urinary Catheterization

What measurements do doctors need to see if Im growing properly?

Height and Weight

This is used to check if I have a fever or not feeling well.


This is to check to see how big my head is.

Head Circumference

When a patient comes into the doctors office and is feeling more nervous causing higher blood pressure this is called what?

White Coat Syndrome

When my throat hurts, I get my throat swabbed to check if I have what?

Streptococcal (Strep)

Checking your temperature in your ear is called what type of temperature?

Tympanic Method

This is the medical name for what (most) females get monthly?

Menstrual Cycle / Menstruation

When nurses touch the inside of my wrist, they are checking for what?


What is another way to see how tall I am without me standing?

Arm Span

When I am in a wheelchair and need to get weighed, I might need to use this?

Hoyer Lift

This organ in my body pumps blood throughout my body?


If I need to check my blood sugars daily. What do I have?

Diabetic / Diabetes

What is applied to my skin after I get a shot?


Checking your temperature under your armpit is called what type of temperature?

Axillary method

How much is 1 kilogram (kg) in pounds (lbs.)?

2.2 pounds = 1 kilogram

What is it called when you have loose stool?


What does the doctor primarily look at when looking in your ear canal?

Tympanic Membrane (movement, fluid, infection)

What does the doctor listen to with stethoscope when coughing?


What are ways to help a child when receiving shots?

Guardian comfort hold, EMLA/LMX cream, buzzy, pain ease spray, distractions techniques during procedure

When doctors wear jackets, what color are they?


You would use this if you hurt your knee or foot and cant walk well?


This is what you put on your face when you are coughing?


What are the dangly things in the back of your throat?

Tonsils / Uvula

How many centimeters (cm) are in one inch (in)?

1 inch = 2.54 centimeters

Checking your temperature across your forehead is called what type of temperature?

Temporal Method

What does a sphygmomanometer measure?

Blood pressure

By Federal Law, if you administer any vaccination to a patient, you must provide a current what to patients?

VIS Vaccine Information Statement (also comes in several different languages)Vaccine Information Statements VISs CDC information sheets for patients (

How much of your body is made up of water (to the nearest percentage)?


What is it called when the reflex act of ejecting the contents of the stomach through the mouth?

Vomiting / Puking / Emesis

What is the name of the muscle in your upper arm where shots are given?


If I get too much built up wax in my ears, I may need to have this procedure done at the office visit?

Ear Lavage / Ear Wash

What is able to be given to infants for comforting measures during vaccines that can be dipped on pacifier, given by oral syringe, or on a gloved finger to suck on?

Sweet Ease

What decibels does nurses check childrens hearing at?

20 decibels (dB)

This organization is one of the major operating components of the Department of Health and Human Services?

CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (

What type of procedure is done to take a photo of my bones?


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