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Puzzles: Math Words

Puzzles: Math Words

Check out a page full of fun math word puzzles with answers for all ages to enjoy. Some are easy math puzzles. Some are harder and tricky math puzzles.

Puzzle solving tip: Watch out for the tricky puzzles where you need to look close at details. Take some time and try and solve it before you click and see the puzzle answer.

On the busiest neighborhood corner, Lulu and Milo made a bet to see who could sell the most lemonade during their summer break. The winner would keep all of the money earned.

Lulu sold a glass of lemonade for $1.00.
Milo sold a glass of lemonade for $0.50.

At the end of summer break, they made the same amount of money, $50.00.

Who won the bet?

Lulu sold total of 50 glasses of lemonade at $1.00 to make $50.00.
Milo sold total of 100 glasses of lemonade at $0.50 to make $50.00.

Milo sold more and won the bet!

You are given a telephone and asked to multiply all the numbers on the phones number pad. What will the answer calculate to be?

Zero (0) any number multiplied by zero is zero!

A woman is twice as old as her younger brother. She is also half as old as their father. Over a period of 50 years the brother will become half of their fathers age. What is the age of the woman now?

The woman is 50 years old

How many eggs can you put in a 12-inch by 12-inch empty basket?

Only one egg. After that one egg the basket is no longer empty!

David asked his Grandpa how old he was. His Grandpa wanted to be difficult so he replied to David:

I have 6 children. There are 4 years between each one and the next. I had my first child when I was 19 years old. Now the youngest child is 19 herself. Based off this information you will need to figure out how old I am David!

How old is Grandpa?

First child was born when Grandpa was 19
Second child was born when Grandpa was 23 (19+4)
Third child was born when Grandpa was 27 (23+4)
Fourth child was born when Grandpa was 31 (27+4)
Fifth child was born when Grandpa was 35 (31+4)
Sixth child was born when Grandpa was 39 (35+4)

Now take the age of Grandpas last child 39 and add his age when he first child was born 19.

This makes Davids Grandpa 58 years old (39 + 19)

How can you add eight 4s together to give a total of 500?

4 + 4 + 4 + 44 + 444 = 500

If 1 = 5, 2 = 10, 3 = 15, 4 = 20, what is 5 = ?

If 1=5, then 5=1

Juniper has a large family. There are twenty Cousins, ten Uncles, and ten Aunts. Each of the cousins has an aunt who is not Junipers Aunt. How is this possible?

This Aunt is Junipers Mom.

I say that 6 + 7 = 1. How can this be possible?

Its referring to time. 6 AM + 7 hours = 1 PM

Jake is a historian. He takes two from five and gets four. How is this possible?

He takes two letters F and E from FIVE and gets IV which is Roman Numeral four.

If you had to write down all of the whole numbers between 1 and 100, how many times would you have to write down the number 8?

20 times

Zane grabbed his change jar full of different coins. He had 5 half-dollar coins, 11 quarters, 7 dimes, 6 nickels, and 23 pennies. Zane took the coins to store to buy some snacks that totaled $8.84.

1. How much was the coins in the jar?

2. Was there enough money to buy the snacks that Zane wanted?

  1. $9.23
  2. Yes, remaining of $0.39

A teacher bought 2 pencils for each of his students. There are 7 students in his classroom. How many pencils did the teacher buy?

14 pencils (7 students x 2 pencils = 14 pencils)

There are 60 toes under the water in a swimming pool. If each person has 10 toes. How many people are in the swimming pool?

6 people (60 toes / 10 toes = 6 people)

There are 33 students on a bus. Of those students there are 17 boys. How many girls are on the bus?

16 girls (33 students 17 boys = 16 girls)

If there are 15 people in a room. Each of them give each other a handshake once. How many handshakes were there all together?

There would be 105 handshakes in total.

Solution: 14+13+12+11+10+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1 (people) = 105 (handshakes)

We are having a birthday party and invited 14 friends. Of those friends invited 9 friends were able to come. Each friends was given 2 balloons, 1 bag of treats, and 1 cupcake. How many total balloons were given to the friends?

18 balloons (9 friends x 2 balloons = 18 balloons in total were given out)

While sitting in the park I saw 8 ducks swimming in the pond. Suddenly, 3 of them flew off. How many ducks remain in the pond?

5 ducks (8 ducks 3 ducks = 5 ducks

You are right next to a river and have a 5-gallon container and a 3-gallon container.  You need to measure out 4 gallons of water.  How do you do this?


  1. Fill up the 3-gallon container and pour 3 gallons into the 5-gallon container.
  2. You fill the 3-gallon container up again and pour it into the 5-gallon container again. This leaves 1 gallon still in the 3-gallon container.
  3. Dump out the 5-gallon bucket. Pour the 1 gallon remaining in the 3-gallon container into the 5-gallon container.
  4. Fill up the 3-gallon container one more time and then pour it in the 3-gallon container.
  5. Finally pour the 3-gallons into the 5-gallon container filled with the 1-gallon water. Now you have a total of 4 gallons of water in the container.

How can you use three 3s to make 4?

3 + 3/3 = 4

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