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Riddles: Shower Thoughts

Riddles: Shower Thoughts

You step in the shower and let the water hit you. While washing and relaxing, your mind wanders and thinks of the most bizarre and unusual scenarios or questions. This is what Shower Thoughts are. Thoughts that make you think of complete randomness. Some thoughts you may clearly understand the best response to you, but others may think differently. Check out some examples below. You may even come up with some of your own. Ask some of your family, friends, and colleagues and enjoy hearing their responses.

#1 Did the plant or seed come first?

#2 Does a straw have one hole or two?

#3 If a tomato is a fruit, does that mean ketchup is a tomato smoothie?

#4 Peer pressure as an adult is seeing your neighbor mow their lawn.

#5 I wonder how many pizza slices Ive eaten in my lifetime.

#6 If we never talked to strangers we would never have friends.

#7 If your shirt isnt tucked into your pants. Then your pants would be tucked in your shirt.

#8 All types of skiing are water skiing.

#9 If there was an earthquake on another planet, is it still an earthquake?

#10 If no customers complain about a bulletproof vest. It means it is really good or really bad!

#11 We know more about space than we do what is in the deep ocean.

#12 We all have endless conversations with ourselves.

#13 A star could burn out and we would not even notice.

#14 We are not scared of the dark, we are scared of what might be in the dark.

#15 The banana used to be the food that most looked like a phone. Now it is the Pop Tart.

#16 What if oxygen is poisonous and it takes 75-100 years to kill us?

#17 Baby butterflies do not exist.

#18 Your first birthday is actually your second birthday.

#19 You can not stand on stairs backwards.

#20 Winter is the only season you experience twice a year.

#21 Humans are the only species that have to pay to live.

#22 You survived 100% of your worst days.

#23 Firefly is the opposite of waterfall.

#24 I correct autocorrect more than it corrects me.

#25 Why arent iPhone chargers called Apple juice?

#26 Teeth are the only problem where if you ignore them, they will go away.

#27 The internet almost killed the postal service with emails and then made it more necessary than ever with having online deliveries.

#28 Honey is just bee vomit.

#29 How do we know what the actual time is? Who set the first clock?

#30 Deaf people dont know why farts are funny.

#31 Nothing is on fire, fire is on things.

#32 Nobody knows how anybody actually feels or thinks.

#33 Tobacco companies kill their best customers.

#34 People who are larger have more skin. That then makes them skinnier.

#35 If you are in competition with yourself. Are you constantly winning?

#36 If a liar tells you they are telling a lie, does that mean they are lying or telling the truth?

#37 Lady bugs are not all ladies!

#38 Cheese is just a loaf of milk.

#39 You once made a decision that saved your life without even knowing it,

#40 The people who need to be loved the most, are often are the hardest to love.

#41 It is likely that 99% of the trees you see will still be here when you die.

#42 We could be in backgrounds of peoples favorite photos.

#43 -Who taught the first teacher?

#44 You can manually breathe, swallow, and blink just by thinking about it.

#45 What does water taste like?

#46 When we were young we would sneak out of our houses to go to parties. When we are old we sneak out of parties to go home.

#47 When you drink alcohol, the alcohol is getting drunk too.

#48 Fire trucks are actually water trucks.

#49 There are sidewalks in the movie Cars, but everyone is a car.

#50 Why is it called a building when it is already built?

#51 You have never been in an empty room before.

#52 Live is just evil spelt backwards.

#53 -You are someones ancestor.

#54 Pets dont understand that we make mistakes. If we accidently step on them or trip over them they think we did it on purpose.

#55 One day you will hear your name for the last time and never know it.

#56 Why are prisoners given water and food, but the homeless people arent?

#57 The sun and moon you see everyday is the same sun and moon anything to ever live has seen.

#58 There is a different version of you in the minds of everyone who knows you.

#59 Mirrors do not break, they multiply.

#60 Once you have your Ph.D., every meeting you go to becomes a doctors appointment.

#61 Math is the only place where someone buys 50 watermelon and 40 cantaloupes and nobody asks questions on why.

#62 Clapping your hands is just high-fiving yourself.

#63 -Who came up with the expression, its raining cats and dogs outside? How is it relevant to the weather?

#64 Can you daydream at night?

#65 Did the chicken or the egg come first?

#66 Did dinosaurs have hair? Hair does not preserve, so we would never know if dinosaurs had hair or not.

#67 Teenagers drive like they are on borrowed time. Meanwhile, elderly people drive like they have all the time in the world.

#68 Are those who sneeze a lot most blessed?

#69 Pregnant women are the only true bodybuilders!

#70 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals really put into perspective on how much companies SHOULD BE selling items for!

#71 What if dog licks us because they know we have bones inside us?

#72 If humans cant see air, can fish see water?

#73 If you pour ice on a hot dog, does that mean you can call it a chilly dog?

#74 Every broken clock is telling you when it passed away.

#75 We eat pizza from the inside out.

#76 Your stomach thinks that all potatoes are mashed potatoes!

#77 We have walked past killers before and never knew.

#78 What if the voice in our head is someone from a parallel universe trying to help us survive?

#79 Left handed people are less likely to get away with murder.

#80 Our jaws can only bite upward. So you cant actually bite down on food.

#81 You do not own money. It is just your turn with it.

#82 If money is at the root of all evil, why do churches ask for it?

#83 We do not face reality, we create it.

#84 Millions of people are doing the exact same thing as you are.

#85 Having a toddler in their Why? phase makes you realize how much you know and how much you really dont know.

#86 Kids are bullied for being different, while adults are praised for being different.

#87 All worms are earth worms.

#88 Today the earth is more beautiful than it will be tomorrow.

#89 A candle shop might be the best smelling shop if it would be burnt down.

#90 If you are watching the sunrise, than someone else on the opposite side of the earth is watching the sunset!

#91 You never know how many people are thinking of you right now.

#92 If air and water are both clear, than why can we see water but not air?

#93 Searching for a new laptop online is basically forcing your computer to dig its own grave.

#94 Being pulled over by cops for speeding is like teachers telling you not to run in the hallways.

#95 Being scared to check your bank account is the adult version of being scared to check your grades.

#96 Skyscrapers do not actually scrape the sky.

#97 Would killing bugs will overtime make them sneakier and more deadly?

#98 If the earth was flat we could push all the waste off.

#99 Do Not Touch would be really scary to read in braille.

#100 Why did witches choose to ride brooms?

#101 Babysitters are teenagers who behave like grown-ups so that grown-ups can go out and act like teenagers.

#102 If you are alone at pop open a peanut shell then ate the peanut(s) inside. You would be the only person on the planet that would have seen the peanut(s).

#103 People are far more likely to get a response if there is a typo in there post.

#104 When I walk into the local grocery store, how many people have spit saliva or gum on the ground Im walking on?

#105 What if I could live in the city, but instead of having grass to mow all my property was filled with fresh vegetables and fruit.

#106 Most family photos are carefully orchestrated lies that we want to tell our future selves.

#107 You can learn a lot about your neighbors on garbage day.

#108 Divorce rates among socks are astonishly high.

#109 Scrolling TikTok is to millennials is comparable to what flipping channels are to Boomers.

#110 A breakdown and a breakup are not opposites.

#111 It is weird how we have never seen a dinosaur ghost, even though billions of them died in a very gruesome way.

#112 The real reason that good always wins is that the winner controls the narrative.

#113 Parrots are technically mockingbirds.

#114 A one-cent tip is worse than no tip.

#115 As a kid we are always told how strong of a word hate is. But never how strong of a word love is.

#116 We have laws because morality is subjective.

#117 Any ability you currently have, you can lose.

#118 All languages travel at the speed of sound. Sign language travels at the speed of light.

#119 Nobody is ever surprised when you tell them you are right-handed.

#120 The number of people born in the same year as you is always decreasing.

#121 No one remembers your embarrassing experiences as much as you do, because other people have their own embarrassing experiences they remember.

#22 When you clean out your dryers lint filter, you are slowly throwing your clothes away.

#123 You can bowl 22 strikes in a row and not get a 300-point game.

#124 Some people love Zoos because they love animals. Some people hate Zoos because they love animals.

#125 The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.

#126 When a pregnant woman goes swimming, technically she is a human submarine.

#127 Red cabbage is purple.

#128 There is an exam in every example.

#129 You are mostly made up of water, calcium, and protein. You are a healthy meal.

#130 The teeth that you lose during childhood are still out there, somewhere!