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Trivia: Transportation

Trivia: Transportation

Pilots usually sit in this when controlling the airplane?


What has huge blades on top of the body to create lift and motion?


This water transportation can hold on average around 3,000 guests, but on some have max capacity of 6,300 capacity. What am I?

Cruise Ship

What vehicle does not need a runway to take off?


What is used to go into outer space?

Space Shuttle / Space Craft

What are mostly used in the military and can travel up to 1600 miles per hour?


How was the first train powered by?


This is what you call an aircraft without an engine?


This is what you will take to go to and from school?

School Bus

This is something you can go on bodies of water with these?


What type of vehicle can go underwater?


What do cowboys use to travel around on?


This transportation can travel on land or water?


What is something you sit and ride on this small watercrafts that usually holds only 1 or 2 people?

Jet Skis

What were the first ever wheels on a vehicle made out of?


What is an emergency vehicle that helps put out fires?

Fire Truck

What is something that you go in a basket and fly high up in the air?

Hot Air Balloon

What got the nickname of the iron horse?


What you usually see used on snow and hear the person stirring it say mush, mush?

Dog Sleds

The first subway system was built in?

London (in 1863)

You find these traveling on railway tracks?


Mode of transportation with only two wheels?


School Buses are able to seat how many students on one bus?

Designed to seat 90 passengers

This is used to travel fast on snow with two front skis and endless belt on the rear?


What is the name of the vehicle that helps injured or sick people to hospitals?